Canopy Printing Services in Tricity

Canopies are like small tents which can be easily kept in a bag or can be carried anywhere. The canopies are made up of really light material, usually aluminum or flex. Further flex could be of two types: Normal Flex or Star Flex Printing. Canopies come in different sizes. The most common size available is 4*4 and 6*6. VS Graphics is the best canopy printing services provider in Tricity. The benefits of canopy printing are as follows:

  • The canopies can be your next source for promotional purposes.

  • Also, the canopies provided by VS Graphics are quite easy to handle and made up of durable materials.

  • They are the next cheapest mode for your brand advertisement. All of the biggest brands are using canopies for their events and promotions such as Hero, Apple, Maruti, Samsung, etc.

  • They are pretty presentable, moreover, you can print from single to multiple prints.

  • Our Canopies maintain high standards and quality provided is not compromisable.

The best and affordable canopies for your brand promotions are available only at VS Graphics. They are based in Chandigarh and have a lot of printing experience through all the revolutionary machines. For bookings and appointments, call at 8968991419 or mail them at