Flex Printing Services

If you are looking for ways to promote your business, then you are on the right page. Because flex printing is the surefire way of getting noticed by the public so quickly. This method has been considered from the old age era. It is certainly a fruitful investment for your business and campaigns. Getting advertised through this mode is so far the cheapest and most popular way available around. VS Graphics is the best online flex printing provider, serving around the Tricity at a very affordable price. We are specialized in high-quality attractive visuals promising long-lasting and versatility of the fabric as well.  Fully HD digital prints are provided at your doorstep.

What are flex printings and their applications?

Flex is the uneven and coarse scrub like fabric, though light in weight and more flexible. It is an opaque sheet, completely UV resistant, and produced using PVC. They are glossy and thick in appearance and can be laminated for longer shelf life. Flex printing machine uses a specific procedure known as solvent printing. It is a process of mixing solvent and pigment to create the required long-lasting ink. It is mostly utilized for outdoor purposes such as on billboards for large scale advertisements, for upcoming event notices, organizations awareness, and many other signages. 

Flex printing designs

With our latest online order convenience, we are now gladly able to help you with various design templates available online at our vs graphics page. We have precisely designed samples to guide you with your profession accordingly. May it be your company’s logo, your retail store sign, trade show displays, or real estate signages, we have hundreds of attractive designs in our list from which you may choose your style. Flex banner printing could also be utilized in restaurants, salons, conferences, seminars, movie projects, or for room wallpapers. We always welcome you with your customizations as well. Also, there are no limitations to the text or font, or color combinations you choose. A high standard mixing balance is maintained during color selections.  Moreover, sizes are framed completely according to your requirements. 

Prices and Promises

VS Graphics are best known for their quality productions, their flexes are durable and produced with the latest production printers. We are always transparent in business with our customers. Flex printing price is ideally levied according to per sq ft including color and design charges. There is no external GSTs. Every customer is equally charged except for the festive and bulk orders. Our fully digital prints always meet the quality and finishing standards. We will be more than happy to support you in promoting your business. For any queries, please drop an email on vsgraphics38@gmail.com or direct call at +91 8968991419..