Outdoor Advertising

You must have listened to the world-famous proverb “what you see is sold”, and the same is applicable with the outdoor advertisement. It is also known as out-of-home advertising. And advertisements done outside means creating public awareness about your business products or events. For your better understanding, the various examples of outdoor advertising are billboards, point of sale advertising, signages, interior and exterior of public vehicles such as buses or taxis, and so on. The main purpose of this type of advertising is to show up people what is new in the market. You may feature your business product, event, company, or organization’s details in front of people who come out of their homes for work or other purposes. This is the conventional method to bring out better engagements to your business. People coming out of their houses, waiting across the bus stands or standing over some public place gets more attracted by these types of advertisements, as they get to know about the running trends around and tend to buy it, thus increasing the trade to your business.


A business person has to look for all the facts while considering outdoor advertising as its source of product or event advertisement. Location plays quite a big role, as you must be targeting the specific audience coming over to the targeting advertisement location. If you are offering luxury services, it must not be posted over general sites such as bus stands, etc. it should rather be posted over the specific crowd locations such as theatres, corporate area, and above the malls and showrooms. You must know where to find your target audience, such as if you are advertising for a rock music event, the posters must be affixed around the colleges and high-schools as Gen Z(people born between 1995 and 2009) tend to attract towards it more than Gen Y(millennials). Knowing your audience is the key thing.


Though there are various types, we are considering the most common categories to define them, and they are as follow:


You all are acquainted with this type of advertisement, the billboards are always planted next to traffic lights to grab the attention of the drivers and others standing during red lights. You must have seen the hotel billboards, KFC billboards, and many more in the row. It could be a one-sided advertisement or a two-way advertisement. It is considered to be a very cost-effective and valuable mode of advertising.


As billboards advertising method attracts a wide range of customers similarly, the point of scale advertising as it is done just right above the billing counter. The main purpose is to pitch you to the amazing deals and current offers available right away. For example, when you go to supermarkets or any franchises, you always see the deal offered right near the billing section or sometimes at the entrance of the complex to attract you to their ‘Point of Sale’.

The main objective is to entice customers to grab the offer and convert leads to their customers. All these are smart and fun-based business strategies taking place worldwide.