Sun Board Printing

Sun boards are a good source of outdoor as well as indoor advertisements of your brand. There are two ways of displaying it, either they can be directly printed over the boards or there could be some medium such as a coarse adhesive sheet ( it could be paper, vinyl, solvent, etc.) on which we can print the design and direct paste it over the board. And for the best quality sun board printing service, you must stick to the best printing company in Mohali i.e, VS Graphics.  The latest digital printing technologies have made it quite possible to print over woods, glasses, thick plastic sheets, etc. 

Although the most common way sheets still in use are 3mm or 5mm in thickness, that actually works as banners, later tied through some support or pasted over boards. The other way is called acrylic printing, in that printed sheets can be used to paste over walls. Usually, these types of printings are durable and have long shelf lives. Therefore, it’s a one-time expenditure advertisement. We deal in customized boards, you may share the dimensions and it’s all set. Also, our printing machines yield high-resolution logos. 

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