Vinyl Printing Services in Tricity

The PVC ( Polyvinyl Chloride) printed sheets that are in trend lately are technically produced by Vinyl Printing techniques. It has unquestionably gained a lot of attention in the marketing industry. They are widely used for special promotions events, display banners, stickers, and the company’s logo. The VS Graphics is providing the best Vinyl printing services in Tricity offering an extensive variety of printable designs. Also, they offer dimension choices as per the client’s requirement. You can customize vinyl banners in any height or width. 

Poster and Banner printings are broadly carried out on large inkjet printers for ease of operation. 

Composition and Physical properties of Vinyl

The Vinyl is simply composed of chlorine from NaCl (Salt), and ethylene from crude oil.

Vinyl is basically a synthetic plastic polymer that has a shine-like coating or outlook. It has adhesive properties and can be pasted over any smooth surface. It is a bit heavyweight, smooth in texture, rigid but flexible. It can be available in any color, texture, and width. VS Graphics is the best Vinyl printing services provider and has a delightful range of designs and printable vinyl graphics that are highly durable and weather resistant. 

It has great application for decoration purposes, like in cars or buildings. It can be utilized in both ways, exterior as well as interiors. The PVCs now have become the must-haves in corporate buildings. Also, it has made large prints possible i.e. up to 250 feet. VS Graphics has been in the Vinyl Printing business for almost a decade. We are best at providing high resolution and fine quality prints at a very affordable price. 

The Vinyl coating can be of three types:

  • Glossy
  • Matt
  • Textured

The best example of Vinyl Printings can be seen at the large Salon boards and banners placed in front of their entry gates. Other best examples are Hotels, Restaurants, malls, bars, etc.

VS Graphics has done projects with many established firms in Tricity. It offers heavy discounts on Bulk orders and provides a 100% product satisfaction guarantee. For orders and inquiries, please call at +91 8968991419 or mail at